Review: Yellow Tail Shiraz


If you have $5 and a Rite-Aid near by, you’re in luck! This wine, in my opinion, the most drinkable of the super-cheap wines. If you and your friends drink this wine and have a discussion, don’t be surprised if the conversation turns out to be a back and forth of “wow. I can’t believe how good this shitty wine is!”. I declare Yellow Tail Shiraz the Diet Coke of  red wine. Note the screw top for when you’re feeling REALLY classy!


Wine: from my perspective

I don’t know a lot about wine, but I feel that I’m bright enough to determine what tastes like crap and what doesn’t. I don’t have a sophisticated palette, but I sure do know what bottle of Merlot I prefer to drink while eating a handful of cheez-it’s and watching Cupcake Wars. 

I’m writing about wine from the perspective of a busy mom. I’ll always know more about Velociraptors than I will about vineyards. Making the perfect peanut butter and jelly will come before finding the perfect Pinot Noir, but when I’m at Ralph’s and there is a $4 bottle of red that just so happens to taste like unicorn kisses, I need to tell the world about it.