Updates soon – I can only drink so quickly!

ImageI’m so happy that I have a few followers now – What a surprising turn of events!

I have a few more bottles to review, but the sad truth is, I’m almost out of wine. 

I’ve been spending time trying to research wine clubs or online wine deals and apps to help me more wisely choose and review upcoming wine purchases.  If I find some good ones, I’ll post them. If YOU find good ones, please feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments section. 

I’ll keep posting – more to come!


Wine: from my perspective

I don’t know a lot about wine, but I feel that I’m bright enough to determine what tastes like crap and what doesn’t. I don’t have a sophisticated palette, but I sure do know what bottle of Merlot I prefer to drink while eating a handful of cheez-it’s and watching Cupcake Wars. 

I’m writing about wine from the perspective of a busy mom. I’ll always know more about Velociraptors than I will about vineyards. Making the perfect peanut butter and jelly will come before finding the perfect Pinot Noir, but when I’m at Ralph’s and there is a $4 bottle of red that just so happens to taste like unicorn kisses, I need to tell the world about it.